YBBtv is entirely designed with young adults in mind. We’re passionate about placing Jesus into the media mix so that the message of God’s love can be accessible anytime, anywhere. YBBtv is compelling, creative, and committed to connecting this generation with Jesus Christ.

Young Believer’s Broadcast is produced in Columbus, Texas by the students of Texas Bible Institute. Every year over 100 students join this media track to learn, create, and expand the message of Jesus through different media avenues.

Every week YBBtv airs worldwide in all 196 nations with a potential viewing audience of over 66 million viewers. The goal of Young Believer’s Broadcast is to encourage and educate young adults on how to become true disciples of Jesus Christ on a choice by choice basis. Our goal is that we would be an online resource to students, friends, and family allowing them the opportunity to find answers and information on topics in life that reflect the word of God.

Young Believer’s Broadcast is all about young people reaching young people for Jesus.