The History

In 1996, Pastor Tommy Burchfield was in a major city speaking for a large Christian youth conference. While he was ministering in the city, a private tour of a large news organization was made available. During the tour the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, "You can reach the world from one location, now go home and start YBB."

Technical Class 101

At the start of the creation of YBBtv, we brought in a producer and crew to help with the process of shows. Though the quality was very "Christian TV" friendly, it didn't match our heart or vision for what we thought YBBtv could be. We took a leap of faith, and by one Google search at a time, found ourselves producing a real show for young people.

Who Creates YBB?

We believe that no one can reach a young person like a young person. With our foundation built upon 1 Tim 4:12, the students of Texas Bible Institute bring their passions and projects to the table each week for the world to see.

How do you support the show?

Our heart and belief is that we are blessed to be a blessing. Therefore, we see YBBtv as a labor of love for our generation. Our church family at Believers World Outreach Church faithfully supports the show as our digital missions outreach. YBBtv will never "pitch a product' or draw attention to ourselves. We exist to represent Jesus the best way we know how.

You've heard our story now we want to hear yours! Enjoy the show, why not tell the crew?

My Story